• Boys: Senior Division 1,2,3 and 4,  Junior : Division 1,2 and 3, Girls: Division 1,2 3, and Junior
    All divisions will play a round robin. Depending on the number of teams it may be necessary to split into Top and Bottom.
  • Boys: All games are to commence On time.  Teams not on the field by 10 minutes after kick off will be DEFAULTED.
  • Girls: All games are to commence @4pm. Schools not able to play before this time are to inform the Home team beforehand.

Teams not on the field by 10 minutes after scheduled start time will be DEFAULTED. Unless the Opposition has been informed.


  • Shall consist of no more than 16 players
  • Boys: All Senior division players must be Year 11, 12, 13 and attending school.  Junior players may play for the Senior 1st XI if deemed good enough.
  • All Junior division players must be Year 9 or Year 10 only and attending school.
  • Rolling subs may be used but must be made at a stoppage of play and through the referee.
  • No Boys team can play with fewer than 7 players. No Girls team can play with fewer than 7 players. Fewer players than this will result in a DEFAULT.
  • Senior Boys 1st XI Competition - all teams must 13 "protected" players who may not drop down. Other members of the squad may drop down a division.
  • Schools entering more than one team in the same competition may only play 2 players and 1 division down.
  • Schools entering more than one team in the same division may not interchange players (unless for girls teams the opposition has been notified in advance).
  •  Players may play up a Division but after 2 consecutive games will be re-graded. Honesty will be required for the above three policies.
  • Teams found to be disregarding the above policies will lose the points for the game(s) in question.

Duration of Games:
Boys: Senior- Two 40 minute halves  Junior- Two 35 minute halves     Girls: Two 30 minute halves or as light allows (time agreed at kick off)

Boys: Each team will be required to ref one half each unless by mutual consent or whether refs are available.
Girls: The Home team should endeavour to provide a referee. However, if not possible, each team shall do one half each unless by mutual consent.

Fair Play  should be enforced at all times and games played in the "Spirit of the Game".  This includes players, coaches and spectators.
Each school should have a Code of Conduct Policy.

Player Safety:
All players must wear shin pads as required by FIFA regulation.

Clash of Colours:
In the case of a clash of colours the AWAY team must change.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Win = 3 points
  • Draw = 1 point
  • Loss = No points

A Default will be recorded as a 3-0 win to the opposition.
The competition will be decided by the team with most points. In the case of two teams having the same points, the team with the better goal difference will be the declared the winner.  In the unlikely event of still being equal then the team with the most goals will be declared the winner.

Boys: These are to be avoided at all costs but in the event that they must occur then the defaulting team must inform the opposing team as early as possible Boys: before Saturday preferrably.  Girls: before 1pm on Wednesday.

Boys: All games should be played whenever possible but in the event that the field is unplayable or conditions extremely unsuitable then please listen to More FM. In the case where the school field is unplayable the host school must inform the opposition by 1pm Friday and Greg Kettle via email, phone call/txt.
Girls: All games should be played whenever possible but in the event the field is unplayable it is the Host Schools responsibility to inform the opposition by 1pm.

The cost to enter the competition is $115 per team. Schools will be invoiced after the third week of the competition.

Results must be emailed to by no later than 


Each school must email the result in so that scores can be verified: Please ensure that there is an agreement over the score before leaving the field. NO RESULT=NO POINTS!!